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Monday, August 31, 2015

When is there too much of a good thing? Low-income and working-class communities—often communities of color—lack access to thriving businesses, healthy food, and decent housing.  But what happens when new investments make a neighborhood desirable to middle-class (often white) newcomers? Is it inevitable that “turning around” a neighborhood ends up turning out its low-income and working-class residents? Is gentrification inevitable? Are there ways to improve our communities without displacing the people who live there?

On today’s edition of Truth to Tell, Ralph Crowder, filmmaker and media activist, (www.freedomradioandtv.com) and Queen Nuchie, leader of 1family1community and the Poor People’s Campaign of Minnesota, discuss their efforts to preserve and strengthen the historic African-American community in South Minneapolis. Their story has lessons for inner-city neighborhoods in Minneapolis-St. Paul and across the nation.