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Monday, September 29, 2014

What would make 400,000 activists converge on New York City? The People’s Climate March!  Joined by United Nations Secretary General Ban-Ki-Moon, last week’s march was a visible sign that the climate change movement is stronger than ever.

Developments from sectors of society not always associated with the climate change debate are also showing signs that change is imminent. A report, appropriately titled Risky Business, commissioned by Hank Paulson, CEO of Goldman and Sachs and treasury secretary under George W. Bush, offered a cold-eyed accountant’s tally of the enormity of an impending climate disaster.

Even the U.S. military is getting into the act. In March, the Pentagon’s Quadrennial Defense Review drew a direct link between the effects of “global warming (rising sea levels and extreme weather patterns) and terrorism.”  Could it be that a broader climate change understanding may finally be emerging? After years of denial and gridlock could we be on the cusp of a genuine climate-change consensus breakthrough?

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