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Monday, June 13, 2016
  • Greg Orman, author of A Declaratioin of Independents: How We Can Break the Two-Party Stranglehold and Restore the American Dream. Running  as an independent for U.S. Senate, Greg nearly defeated a two term Republican incumbent in Kansas, a state that hasn’t elected a non-Republican to the Senate since 1932.
  • Phil Fuhrer, chair of the Minnesota Independence Party
  • Lena Bugs, co-chair of the Minnesota Green Party
  • Jeanne Massey, executive director, Fair Vote Minnesota.
Monday, May 9, 2016

Tune in to TruthToTell this Monday May 9th 9AM for a conversation with Frank White, author of "They Played for the Love of the Game: Untold Stories of Black Baseball in Minnesota." Co-hosts Tom O’Connell and Siobhan Kierans will talk with Frank about the history of Black baseball before the major leagues were de-segregated as well as his work  supporting youth engagement in Twin Cities urban communities

Also in the studio, Anthony Shields , Deputy Field Director of Neighborhoods Organizing for Change. Turns out that the folks who serve up the peanuts and popcorn (not to mention beer and bratshave some issues of their own! Join us for a look at baseball through social justice lens of TruthToTell on KFAI radio, 90.3FM (Minneapolis) 106.7FM (St. Paul). Live streamed and on demand at

Monday, February 15, 2016

Tune intoTruthtoTell this Monday morning, Feb 15, 9-10 for a conversation with journalist Karen Branan on her powerful new book,The Family Tree:  A Lynching in Georgia, a Legacy of Secrets and My search for the Truth.  Through the prism of family history, Branan explores racial dynamics that continue to influence America today-both South and North.  KFAI radio, 90.3/106.7 FM Listen live or catch the archived version at just click ON DEMAND and search for TruthtoTell.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Grant Nichols, former school board member from Columbia Heights, is our guest Monday at 9 a.m. on TruthToTell with Siobhan Kierans. He stood up to Governor Dayton when asked to resign after anti-Islamic messages were sent from his Facebook account.
Is he outspoken? Or is his brand of politics "refreshing," "assertive," or "unconventional"? You be the judge!

Monday, January 25, 2016

How do you feel about funding the "war on drugs"? Join Siobhan Kierans Monday at 9 am on TruthToTell/KFAI when guest Jess Sundin discusses the Colombian drug conflict and tells us why the Antiwar Committee believes that the US must end military aid to Colombia.

Call with your questions (612) 341-0980 or post your questions to our FB page.
Our guest Jess Sundin is an antiwar activist, who famously made news in 2010 when the FBI raided her home in Minneapolis.  

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Monday, January 18, 2016

A Democrat who went to the wrong caucus? A depressed Republican? Or a network of folks who are connecting libertarianism with love (and an open mind)? Our guest, Juliet Nail, founder of the Minnesota chapter of the Blue Republicans, will fill us in. Tune in to Truth to Tell, Monday morning, January 18, 9-10, KFAI FM radio, 90.3 Minneapolis/ 106.7 St. Paul. You can live stream at  or catch the program later on the KFAI archive. Click ON DEMAND and search for Truth to Tell.  

Monday, January 11, 2016

In 1972, Phyllis Kahn made history when she was elected state representative as part of a feminist wave that put an end to what had been a male monopoly in the Minnesota Legislature. Four decades later, two challengers are seeking to make some history of their own. Community leaders Mohamud Noor and Ilhan Omar, both DFLers, are also running for the 60B seat. If elected, one of them would become Minnesota’s first Somali legislator. 

 A conversation with Representative Phyllis Kahn and challengers Ilhan Omar and Mohamud Noor (invited) on TruthtoTell, Monday morning, January 11, 9-10, KFAI Radio, 90.3 Minneapolis or 106.7 St. Paul.  You can live stream at or catch it later on the KFAI archive.  Click ON DEMAND and search for TruthtoTell.   

Monday, January 4, 2016

Can a food coop bring jobs and opportunity to an inner-city community? A conversation with Ishmael Israel, interim director of the Bryant Neighborhood Association and chair of the Minneapolis Neighborhood and Community Engagement Commission on TruthtoTell, Monday morning January 4, 9-10,  KFAI FM radio, 90.3  Minneapolis or 106.7 St. Paul or live stream at OR catch the program later on the KFAI archive.  Click on ON DEMAND and search for TruthtoTell. 

Monday, November 2, 2015

Does everyone have a right to health care? Is gun-violence a medical issue? How do we think about end-of life decisions? Embryonic research? What about doctors who participate in torture? Perhaps no field of human activity is more fraught with ethical issues than medicine. And no physician has done more to raise public awareness of bio-ethical issues than Dr. Steven Miles. In this edition of Truth to Tell, Miles will be back to continue our exploration of some of the most important—and controversial—medical issues facing our community today.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Would it be surprising for you to know that almost one in 10 Americans are considered to be severely disabled?  Some 75 percent of these people who live with a disability don’t use a wheelchair, crutches, canes, or assistive equipment.

Just because someone has a disability doesn’t necessarily mean they are disabled. Many people living with these challenges are active in their work and with their families. They play sports and have hobbies. Some people with disabilities struggle to get through their day and often don’t have additional energy for other things. Many struggle to find gainful employment because of their disability, and they have trouble with their daily living activities and need assistance with their care.

 So what is an invisible disability?  Why can’t we see it?  Or, at the very least, why aren’t we talking about these disabilities so we can have a better understanding of what they are?

 Join Siobhan Kierans and guests Bridget Siljander, director of the Youth Legacy Foundation, and Deb Holz, of Advocating Change Together, for this edition of Truth To Tell.