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Monday, December 15, 2014

Join Truth to Tell host Tom  O'Connell as he discusses the leadership challenges in current social justice movements with Artika Tyner,  assistant professor of public leadership at the University of St.Thomas and author of The Lawyer as Leader: How to Plant People and Grow Justice (ABA Books, 2014).

Monday, December 8, 2014

Another mid-term election and more dismal news about the state of our democracy.  Voting participation, always low during mid-term elections, was lower than ever.  Even here in civic-minded Minnesota, participation, while higher than the national average, fell below turnout in 2010.  Meanwhile, campaign spending reached record proportions.  So called “dark money”—campaign contributions that are made anonymously—played a key role in both local and statewide races around the nation.  Here in Minnesota, outside money flowed into rural legislative races—and according to many experts, were a critical factor in the DFL loss of control of the Minnesota House of Representatives.

And what did all that money buy?  In too many cases, misdirection and triviality: the political equivalent of empty calories.  Meanwhile turnout declines as voters tuned out—and who can blame them?  There is a direct relationship between the decline of political participation and the increase in economic inequality.  And while members of today’s oligarchy don’t wear black hats and smoke long cigars, the result is the same. More power for the few—less for the rest of us.

Friday, November 28, 2014

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Institute for Local Self Reliance. Since its founding, ILSR has championed local approaches to economics, community, and democratic participation. Through research, education and advocacy, the Institute has promoted independent locally owned businesses, renewable energy, community banking, community broadband and much more. Linking all of its work is a stubborn insistence on another old and too often overlooked principle: the common good.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Have we forgotten the importance of making memories?  Or are we too busy boosting the economy with retail and online shopping to spend quality time with those who matter most?  The Holiday Season is upon us!  The National Federation of Retailers estimate that the November and December retail spending will tally up to around $620 billion this year.  Online sales will be going up also, by an estimated 10 percent.  So, while we’re all buying items to show our affection for each other, maybe we should be getting back to basics and spending more quality time in each other's company?

Monday, November 17, 2014

Throughout history, people with mental illness have been misunderstood. Just 100 years ago, these people would have been sent to an asylum, never to return to regular society. We are moving toward education, but we are not there yet.  This has caused people to avoid treatment and continue to wrestle with their problems.  When actor Robin Williams died as a result of suicide, it brought the subject back to regular conversation.  Most of us were shocked when he died, but those who knew him well, admitted that he had struggled with depression for years and this was not his first attempt at suicide. 

The Holidays are an especially hard time for those who experience depression.  Our guests offer some valuable insight into the subject of mental illness and they also offer resources and places to turn for those looking for help.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Community is defined as a group of people living together in the same place and having particular characteristics in common. There’s a feeling of fellowship with others, sharing common attitudes, interests and goals.  But the idea of community is changing — shifting from  Main Street to social media, almost a virtual reality based on reality. How has your community changed over the years? Is it all for the better?Join co-hosts Siobhan Kierans and Tom O’Connell when they discuss how communities have evolved since the beginning of the 21st century. 

Saturday, November 8, 2014

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Monday, November 3, 2014

Voters will head to the polls on Tuesday to decide a U.S. Senate seat, all of Minnesota’s eight U.S. House seats, as well as governor, attorney general, secretary of state and state auditor.

Have you decided which way you're voting? Join Siobhan Kierans and Tom O'Connell when they talk about Minnesota's mid-term elections — the issues, the candidates and their positions.

Monday, October 27, 2014

With the elections only a week away, Minneapolis voters will choose the candidates they wish to represent them on the Minneapolis school board.

Last week, at-large candidate Don Samuels and education policy fellow Michael Diedrich joined TruthtoTell to discuss promising approaches to creating schools that work for all our kids.  This week, join co-hosts Siobhan Kierens and Tom O’Connell as we continue that discussion with at-large school board candidates Iris Altamirano and Ira Jourdain.

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Any citizen who takes even a minimal interest in public issues has heard of the achievement gap between whites and students of color.  For the civic-minded among us, it is alarming that racial disparities in educational outcomes are especially deep in Minneapolis. And those brave citizens who ask, “What can be done about it?” are greeted with so many answers (often delivered with great passion) that it’s no wonder some are tempted to tune out altogether.

This program is dedicated to the proposition that ideas do matter and when connected with the power to implement can make a positive difference.  Investment in early childhood education, smaller class sizes, community schools, genuine partnerships with parents, granting greater autonomy (and accountability) to teachers and individual schools are just a few examples. 

Some policy ideas are controversial. That’s why policy, power, and politics are linked. And what better time to discuss public policy for public education than during a school board election campaign.  Joining TruthtoTell co-hosts Siobahn Kierens and Tom O’Connell are Don Samuels, at-large candidate for the school board and Michael Diedrich, an education policy fellow with MN 2020. 

TruthtoTell has invited the other three at-large candidates, Iris Altamirano, Rebecca Gagnon and Ira Jordain to join the conversation in the weeks remaining before the election.

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