BEATING THE ODDS: Rising Above It All

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Wed, 03/17/2010

Not all young people can do it, not even all former recipients of the Children’s Defense Fund’s Beat the Odds awards, given each year to four survivors of the adversity so many youngsters experience in the face of poverty, parental loss and/or abuse and discouraging behavior by some of the trusted adults in their lives. 

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MIDTOWN POWERPLAY: High-Voltage Community Clash

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Wed, 03/03/2010

TTT revisits Xcel Energy's Hiawatha Project continuing push to place electrical substations at Hiawatha Avenue and high-voltage lines over the Midtown Greenway. Despite reams of testimony and several ”Friend of the Court” briefs being filed in what's called a contested case, Xcel persists in its claim that additional capacity is needed in this area of the city. The guardians of that recessed corridor of walking and biking trails along the old railroad right-of-way north of Lake Street through the heart of South Minneapolis to the Mississippi, the Midtown Greenway Coalition (MGC), essentially say, Prove it. 

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Wed, 03/24/2010

The cozy conclave of legislators and the insider baseball played by regulators with those they regulate have become the engine driving too much of our state, local and federal policies and public largesse. Nothing is so effective for corporations and trade associations as hiring a former Congressman, state legislator or government official to walk right back into the hallowed halls where they once served and lobby their former colleagues for special consideration for their companies and clients.

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FREEDOM OF INFORMATION DAY: Celebrating Access to Government

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Wed, 03/10/2010

The annual Freedom of Information Day is upon us March 16, sponsored by the Minnesota Council on Government information (MN-COGI). You'd think this would not be a necessary day, but government at all levels, remains hell-bent on classifying or labeling as private or secret or confidential much of the information that should be made public. Freedom of Information Day is also the time when MN-COGI presents its annual John R. Finnegan Freedom of Information Award, given to an individual whose work is dedicated to opening up government and the public realm to all of us.

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TTT Mar 31: WHITE PRIVILEGE: Just What Does It Mean to be White in Minnesota-and Everywhere Else? (Podcast below)

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Wed, 03/31/2010

Do you think of yourself as white? Or have you never thought of it before? If you think of yourself as white, how do you feel about it? In fact, African-American children learn as early as age four or five that they are, indeed, Black, and they continue to learn as they go along what it means to be a person of color in this culture. Same with Asians. And Latinos. And American Indians. Confronting our privilege as whites is being seen as an essential step in understanding what it means to be NON-white, something that's always been true. In fact, few of us ever give our whiteness a thought - or a second thought - and the benefits whiteness accrue to us as a result of not being a person of color in Minnesota or the United States.

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TTT Apr 7: SOUL OF A CITIZEN: A Public Life in Trying Times

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Wed, 04/07/2010

[Remember, KFAI's Spring Membership Drive ends Friday evening, April 9, your last chance to support TruthToTell and your very own community-based radio station in the Twin Cities. Click here to PLEDGE. Or call in during the show at 612-375-9030. And thanks!]

Author PAUL ROGAT LOEB has revised his acclaimed 1999 volume on the roles we can all play in making our communities serve us and our neighbors better - from the nagging neighborhood issue right up through global climate change. The pride and satisfaction of civic engagement - even in these most trying times - is that intangible sense of being in and of the world and living a meaningful life - the very Soul of a Citizen.

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TTT April 14: WHITE PRIVILEGE 2:Psychology and Pathology of Entitlement

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Wed, 04/14/2010

This week's show brings back our guests and the next phase of our discussion on White Privilege. The dynamic of hatred of a people we once enslaved is not as unusual at it may seem. This is the American Indian experience and the African-American experience. The psychology and pathology of refusing to accept what it means to be white pervades the culture still.

In the wake of an annual conference on white privilege in LaCrosse, Wisconsin last week, TTT delves deeper into the issue of unconscious entitlement that is so much a part of the American psyche, and the most difficult to extricate from our national inclination toward the colonial European view of race as well as undertand the oppositional subculture we've created from the dregs of slavery over 200, 300, 400 years of American history.

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WEDS, APRIL 21 - 11AM: STADIUM WARS REDUX: Now Come the Vikes

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Wed, 04/21/2010

Audio file of this show is available below.

Wednesday's conversation with guests, the Metrodome's Bill Lester, Federal Reserve VP Art Rolnick and Vikings Public Affairs Assistant Director, Jeff Anderson made for a lively exchange on the worth of public financing of professional sports facilities. Callers were NOT neutral on this controversial issue.

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TTT Apr 28: Native Americans in the City: Development and Culture

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Wed, 04/28/2010

May is American Indian Month. This may or may not be a meaningless exercise (why just one month to recognize the contributions and issues facing many of our communities of color?), but the Native community here is making the most of it with plans for the American Indian Cultural Corridor, an Indian Health Fair (even as we're broadcasting) April 28, and a Parade of Nations Walk April 30. (Audio file below)

But those events are just part of life in the city for our Native Americans brothers and sisters - some good, some far too challenging for many to survive the poverty and racism that still mitigates against tribal cultures' attempts to remain sovereign and self-sufficient.

TTT's ANDY DRISCOLL and LYNNELL MICKELSEN talk with a few local Native activists and city officials about Indian life in the urban core and prospects for a prosperous future.

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TTT1008-FEB 24-11AM: LYME DISEASE 2: Politics and Prevention in Our Great Outdoors

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Wed, 02/24/2010

Back in January, we talked about the surge in cases of Lyme Disease – the seemingly innocuous infection from the bite of a deer tick - the near-microscopic cousin to the larger wood tick – both of them flourishing in the Minnesota outdoors. We featured several advocates – including a physician and patients who insist that the chronic form of Lyme Disease is not only possible, but far too common to be ignored, as they claim the mainline medical community has. And, although the stories about real people in very real suffering keep mounting, and more doctors appear to be bucking the system guidelines that say chronic Lyme cannot be real, medical journals and professionals in the government sector and private practice cling to guidelines that insist that what others call chronic Lyme are really other kinds of infection and that the accepted scientific studies refute the chronic believers’ claims.

TTT’s ANDY DRISCOLL and LYNNELL MICKELSEN revisit our Lyme Disease conversation for some answers to these questions.

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