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First Person Radio:Jun 1: BOB RICE:Native Entrepreneur, Tornado Victim-AUDIO BELOW

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Wed, 06/01/2011

Native entrepreneur Bob Rice is our guest on Wednesday, June 1, 2011. This special guest lost part of his business and his home in the devastating tornado that hit north Minneapolis on Sunday, May 22nd. One person was killed and 30 were injured.



The North Side is home to hundreds of American Indian families. Laura Waterman Wittstock and Andy Driscoll talk with Bob Rice about the tornado and the business he lost: 42nd Avenue Station. We will also discuss recovery efforts on the north side of Minneapolis, MN.

Bob Rice defines himself on the business website:

Robert Rice is a proud Ojibwe business owner enrolled Member of White Earth tribe. His passion for coffee and love of people merge well at the 42nd Avenue Station where he encourages community to embrace diverse heritage and celebrate the variety of cultures, gender, young, old, and sexual preference. The community has all walks of life and we will include them into our coffee shop.

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