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TruthToTell- Monday, Dec 30: Bring on the New Year! Big Ideas and Holiday Wishes for Minnesota in 2014

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Mon, 12/30/2013
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The New Year’s holiday is a time of promise; marked by those ever hopeful New Year’s resolutions and celebration of better times ahead. In that spirit, TruthToTell will be speaking with Minnesotans across the state, including you, to gather big ideas and special wishes for 2014. Our focus will be both light and serious: from the sheer delight of a good poem, to the mind-turning power of a good idea; to the solidarity that comes with communicating with each other across region and circumstance.

TTT’s Michelle Alimoradi and Tom O’Connell will have Representative Carlos Mariani and Marcia Avner in studio to provide some context for our conversation and add a few New Year’s wishes of their own. Please join our conversation with your thoughts by calling us on Monday at 612-341-0980. 

On-air guests:

CARLOS MARIANI – MN Representative, District 65B, Director, Minnesota Minority Education Partnership 

MARCIA AVNER - Former Communication Director for Senator Paul Wellstone, Public Policy Director, Minnesota Council of Non-Profits, faculty with Masters in Advocacy and Political Leadership at the University of Minnesota Duluth.