May 19: The Session Ends: Pawlenty Wins Again-or Did He? LISTEN Below!

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Wed, 05/19/2010

PODCAST below: Governor Tim Pawlenty went before the microphones Monday morning after all-night negotiations with exhausted legislative leaders struggling to meet the required adjournment at Midnight, May 17, and he spent most of his news conference crowing about his victories and the claiming that he (the almighty "we") had forever altered the culture of this, "the most liberal state in the union," one that had spent decades of too much government, too much spending and too much taxing. The questions remain: why can't a veto-proof DFL Senate majority and a top-heavy DFL House majority, 201 legislators cannot prevail in enacting a balanced budget resolution in a time of huge deficits - where fair taxation accompanies severe cuts to programs for the neediest MInnesotans. Why do many advocates believe that it could have been far worse when the governor vetoed dozens of critical bills to assist real people?

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