About CivicMedia/Minnesota

We are CivicMedia/Minnesota, a local nonprofit created to bring media literacy and civic literacy through information, education and empowerment of residents and student in local, state and regional public affairs. Our main purpose is to engage citizens and students in understanding issues of governance and public policy, critiquing media coverage of critical policy matters, encouraging public discourse and taking collective action to resolve problems and influencing public policy.

TruthToTell, our flagship public affairs radio program, is an independent production, financed, produced and brought to the public as a primary vehicle to expand discussion and debate on local governance at all levels, in an effort to engage and empower citizens and students (with major emphasis on underserved communities throughout the Metro area) in learning, debating and acting to solve issues, identify political barriers often encountered in those processes, and to understand and cope with formal and informal systems directly affecting their communities, neighborhoods, schools and livelihoods. TruthToTell airs Mondays at 9:00AM on Minneapolis-St. Paul radio station KFAI FM 90.3 and 106.7, produced and hosted by public affairs and media veteran Andy Driscoll.

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