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Mon, 08/25/2014
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 Join us Monday morning for a special two-hour edition of TruthToTell from 9 –  11 a.m. on KFAI celebrating the life and lessons of the late Andy Driscoll.  Be part of the show and share your thoughts about Andy with us.  Call us at (612) 341-0980 or message us on Facebook during the show.

Hard to believe that just over a month ago, on July 20th, Andy Driscoll, Executive Director of CivicMedia/Minnesota and the host and executive producer of TruthToTell passed away.  Andy had been ill for some time, battling chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), but in the last few months his health declined dramatically with the diagnosis of esophageal cancer and subsequent small strokes.

The last show Andy produced and hosted was just two months ago, a month before he died.  The show was about the Minnesota Orchestra.  Andy was in his element — discussing a controversial topic with people he respected. There was a lot of depth to Andy: He was a radio talk show host, a politician, and an actor.  He was a friend, a mentor and a tireless voice for the disenfranchised.  He was all of this and more.  Join us tomorrow for this very special edition of TruthToTell when we talk about the many facets of Andy Driscoll.