The Arc of Justice Bends, But in What Direction: Reports From Four Social Justice Campaigns at the Minnesota Legislature

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Sun, 03/29/2015
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The 2015 legislative session began with hope and a question mark.  After important progressive gains in 2013-2014, voters returned the Minnesota House to Republican control.  Through persistent lobbying and powerful personal testimony, campaigns to restore voting rights to felons and allow Minnesotans access to a driver’s license regardless of immigration status passed the state senate and have won support from many Republican House members where these issues currently hang in the balance.

Meanwhile,  Minnesota home care workers, fresh off their historic organizing campaign of 2014, have bargained the first-ever contract for home health care working in Minnesota and are working hard to secure legislative approval.   And Invest in Minnesota, a broad-based coalition of labor, religious, and community organizations, is back once again to fight for a progressive and fair tax system,

Joining co-hosts Siobahn Kierans and Tom O’Connell to discuss the opportunities and challenges in citizen lobbying at this year’s state legislature are:

Wintana Malekin, Civic and Political Engagement Director of Neighborhoods Organizing For Change (a member of the Restore the Vote Coalition)

Shaquonica Johnson from United Home Care Workers of Minnesota

Leah Gardner, Communications Director of Invest Minnesota


On-air guests: 

Wintana Malekin, civic and political engagement director of Neighborhoods Organizing For Change (a member of the Restore the Vote Coalition)

Shaquonica Johnson from United Home Care Workers of Minnesota



 Leah Gardner, communications director of Invest Minnesota