Civil Rights, Cultural Understanding, and the Challenges Ahead for Muslims in Minnesota: A Conversation With Jaylani Hussein

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Mon, 10/19/2015
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Anti-Muslim comments by Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson,  a student-faculty walk-out at Columbia Heights High School, and controversy over FBI surveillance of Somali youth are just a few of the issues that keep Jaylani Hussein on point and in the news. As executive director of the Minnesota branch of the Council of American-Islamic Relations,—the nation’s leading Muslim civil rights organization—Hussein is no stranger to controversy. A recipient of the Minnesota Council of Non-Profit’s 2015 Visionary Leader Award, Hussein will share his perspective on both the progress and remaining challenges facing Minnesota’s broad and diverse Muslim community. 

On-air guests: 

 Jaylani Hussein is executive director of the Minnesota brand of the Council of American-Islamic Relations