Minnesota at the Holidays: Turning the Spotlight on the Marquee

On-air date: 
Mon, 11/24/2014

Have we forgotten the importance of making memories?  Or are we too busy boosting the economy with retail and online shopping to spend quality time with those who matter most?  The Holiday Season is upon us!  The National Federation of Retailers estimate that the November and December retail spending will tally up to around $620 billion this year.  Online sales will be going up also, by an estimated 10 percent.  So, while we’re all buying items to show our affection for each other, maybe we should be getting back to basics and spending more quality time in each other's company? 
Join Siobhan Kierans and Tom O'Connell as they discuss our holiday shopping culture.  Our guests include the international voice of Riverdance, Katie McMahon; Tane Danger from the Theater of Public Policy; critically acclaimed actor and improviser Max Beyer; Nate Langworthy and Bobby Marines from Rochester Civic Media; and local singer/songwriter/musician Phil Berbig.  It’s all about local performers and theater supporting our local economy Monday at 9 a.m. on TruthToTell.

On-air guests: 

 Katie McMahon is the international voice of Riverdance.



 Tane Danger is a comedian with the Theater of Public Policy.



 Max Beyer is a critically acclaimed actor and improviser.



 Bobby Marines is active in Rochester Civic Media.



 Phil Berbig is a Twin Cities—base singer and songwriter.