Monday January 6: Encore: Former MN Legistlator Kathleen Vellenga talks about new novel, "Strangers in Our Midst"

Join us this Monday as we present the reprise of this special conversation:

TruthToTell’s Andy Driscoll and special guest co-host Tom O’Connell with sit down with former Minnesota legislator Kathleen Vellenga (DFL- 64A, St. Paul) to talk about her new historical novel, Strangers in Our Midst.  The story is about two young girls in mid-seventeenth century North America who become unlikely friends. One is an Anglo who came over on the Mayflower, the other, a young girl in the east coast Wampanoag tribe. Forty Press describes the tale as, “a critical moment in our continent's history, remaining faithful to the historical record while avoiding both stereotypes and finger-pointing. It describes a time when love, trust, and understanding struggled to overcome cruelty, hardship, and deception in all societies-and it does so with great imagination.”

Join Andy and Tom as they speak with Vellenga about this new, critically acclaimed work. Tune in this Monday at 9am on TruthToTell. 

KATHLEEN VELLENGA- Novelist, former Minnesota State Legislator in St. Paul’s District 64A