A New Challenge to Southwest LRT

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Sun, 08/17/2014
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A lawsuit has been filed by the Lakes and Parks Alliance of Minneapolis, alleging that the SWLRT does not comply with state law. The lawsuit is addressed to the mayor and the City Council, and also to the Federal Transit Administration (Chicago) and to the Compliance Office of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) at the office of the US Environmental Protection Agency (Chicago), stating that there was a failure to perform an environmental review by SWLRT.  Some groups believe that the environmental concerns have been satisfied and that the risks to the environment are minor by comparison to the benefits it will bring to the Twin Cities.  While many residents of Minneapolis don’t have a problem with the new system, many have a problem with the process by which the decisions have been made.

On-air guests: 

 Pastor Paul Slack, of the People’s Transit Coalition








Judy Meath & Mary Pattock of LRT Done Right

 Stuart Chazin of the Lakes Park Alliance

  Susu Jeffrey of Friends of Coldwater



 Anthony Newby of Neighborhoods Organizing for Change