A Tale of Two Cities: Perspectives From Minneapolis and St. Paul

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Mon, 06/08/2015
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We may be the Twin Cities, but Minneapolis and St. Paul are defined by our differences as well as similarities. Minneapolis is the poster child of urban cool — hell-bent to best Portland and Seattle as the hippest and most progressive city west of Madison.  St. Paul has Garrison Keilor,  and the St. Paul Saints.  And with its Winter Carnival it has all the cool it needs.

Both cities are near the top in rankings of most livable cities and are nationally recognized for strong cultures of civic participation. Yet — and here is the bad news — both Minneapolis and St. Paul also have among the nation’s highest rates of racial disparities.  What is city government doing to ensure that the good life in our Twin Towns can be shared by all? 

Joining TruthToTell to discuss these and other issues are first -erm city council members Alondra Cano, who represents the 9th Ward  in Minneapolis and St. Paul’s 1st Ward alderman, Dai Thao.

On-air guests: 

Alondra Cano represent's the 9th Ward on Minneapolis's City Council



Dai Thao represents the 1st Ward on St. Paul's City Council