Toward Integration and Equity: One Suburban School District’s Story

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Mon, 09/28/2015
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There is nothing new about the call for racially integrated schools. Integration was a battle cry of the civil rights movement even as it was resisted mightily by many whites. But what does integration mean in today’s schools with students from a multitude of cultures? Does integration inevitably mean a loss of cultural identity? Or is it possible to foster unity through a deep appreciation of cultural difference?

And what is the relationship between integration and equity? How do efforts at cultural understanding translate into greater educational achievement? Or do they?

These are big questions, with major ramifications for our schools and society. Their answers are forged  through  the day-to-day work of teachers, students, parents and community members, aided by specialists like the educators we have in our studio this morning.

This edition of Truth to Tell explores the quest for integration and equity though the experience of one suburban school district, the Robbinsdale Area Schools.

On-air guests: 

Marcellus Davis, program director of integration, equity and Indian education

Sadiq Ahmed, equity specialist

Anthony Taylor, coordinator of the  Choice Is Us Program

Latisha Gray, director of marketing and public relations.