TruthToTell Mon Oct 11 @9AM: RANKED CHOICE VOTING: Another Plurality Governor - KFAI FM 90.3/106.7/Online

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TruthToTell Mon Oct 11 @9AM: RANKED CHOICE VOTING: Another Plurality Governor - KFAI FM 90.3/106.7/Online

Stand by for another minority governor.  Short of a landslide for one of the three major-party candidates for governor, the winner will take office in January having been elected by a minority – or a plurality – of those voting in the November 2nd election. This will be third governor in a row taking office with a majority of  ballots cast for someone else. Hardly a mandate to govern, and yet, with the unusual level of power vested in Minnesota’s governorJesse Ventura and Tim Pawlenty wielded the authority only a majority of voters should have elected.

This year, three parties square off again and almost assuredly, Minnesota will have yet another minority governor. Mark Dayton(DFL)Tom Emmer (GOP) and Tom Horner (IP) are vying for the office and all the polls thus far point to a winner garnering less than a majority of the vote.

Does this mean we should do away with third (or fourth or fifth) parties? Certainly not. Multi-party elections are far more reflective of the electorate than trying to squeeze all others into narrow definitions of two parties. Horner’s competitive position proves this.

Perhaps predictably, the one entity just about unanimously opposed to such a change is the party most recently the beneficiary of the current plurality system – the Republicans. But DFLersIndependence Party members and Greens, among others, support ranked choice voting for statewide and local partisan elections.

This week, TruthToTell talks to prominent supporters and a detractor of RCV to lay out the pros and cons. Your humble servant has never concealed his support for the RCV remedy to achieve a majority victor in all races, so we don’t pretend to be entirely objective in Monday’s presentation of the issue. Still, the state’s most prominent opponent of RCV will join us by telephone.

Join TTT’s ANDY DRISCOLL and LYNNELL MICKELSEN for this important conversation less than a month before the November election.


ELIZABETH GLIDDEN - Minneapolis City Councilmember, Ward 8

TIM PENNY - 2002 Independence Party Candidate for Governor; former 1st District DFL Congressman; President/CEO, Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation

WY SPANO - Director, Master of Advocacy and Political LeadershipUniversity of Minnesota Duluth

JEANNE MASSEY - President, FairVote/Minnesota

ANDY CILEK - President, Minnesota Voters Alliance

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They're calling it the Minnesota March for Children. It's on October 10, thus the moniker, 10-10-10. The Children's Defense Fund says it will rally 10,000 Minnesotans at the State Capitol that day - a major effort to tell state senators and representatives that children must be the prime concern of all policy decisions made at the legislature in the 2011 Session. The day coincides with Children’s Sabbath, an effort to pull in congregations from around the state as well.

It's as clear as the recession and poverty itself, not to mention the stagnant and deficit-laden budgets of schools, healthcare programs, corrections and human services, environmental concerns, public safety - name it - that children are affected directly by each and every issue we deal with at every level of living and public policy. The fact that children are at the forefront of those affected by these issues, just because they don't vote - yet - does not mean they should not be our first priority in addressing those issue arenas.

The march itself features Garrison Keillor as keynoter and CDF National Founder, Marion Wright Edelman in a call to action. Join TTT's ANDY DRISCOLL and LYNNELL MICKELSEN as we examine more children's issues this month.


REP. SANDRA PETERSON (DFL-45A [NEW HOPE]) - Member, Early Childhood Finance and Policy Division

DARRELL YOUNG - CDF Young Advocates Leadership Trainee

NICOLE HERNANDEZ - Youth Programs Director, Children's Defense Fund

KARA ARZAMENDIA - Research DirectorChildren's Defense Fund

LAURA LaCROIX-DALLUHN - Exeecutive Director, Youth Community Connections