TruthToTell, Monday, May 30-9AM: VALUES FIRST? A Heartland Forum on Governance - KFAI FM 90.3/106.7/

On-air date: 
Mon, 05/30/2011
Panelists and Participants Gather at First Universalist Church

What are the values embraced by those calling themselves “progressive?”  Can political activists help less active people define their values and develop a credo they live by and policies they can push into legislation? Which policies should they tackle? What are the priorities communities should set to address the persistent problems faced by a very economically and ethnically diverse set of subcommunities that make up our society? Can real equality exist without a redistribution of wealth so as to see a more evenly endowed city, state or country?

The organization known as Heartland Democracy has gathered a coalition of other progressive policy and public service advocates to present a Framework for Governing to the public and policymakers – and it starts with a subset of values underlying that framework. As part of the Framework’s roll-out, six member group representatives combined their cases for what ails us as a society and the values needing adoption in a open forum on May 18 at First Universalist Church in Minneapolis, then taking questions and comments from an audience of about 40 participants. Moderating was Heartland Fellow, Phyllis Stenerson.

TTT’s ANDY DRISCOLL was there with Cameraman CRAIG STELLMACHER to record the proceedings for presentation on our Memorial Day edition of TruthToTell. The audio version will air “live” on KFAI Monday morning, the video version will go online a few days later.

On-air guests: 

TOM VELLENGA – President, Heartland Democracy Midwest policy initiative

DANE SMITH – President, Growth & Justice progressive think tank

ALISON NORMAN – Policy Director, Minnesota State College Student Association

WESLEY WALKER – Executive Director, Northway Community Trust

STEVE ROGNESS – Policy Director, TakeAction Minnesota, progressive public policy advocacy