TruthToTell Monday, May 5- 9AM: CINCO DE MAYO: The Little Battle that Could - AUDIO PODCAST UP

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Mon, 05/05/2014
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1909 Cinco de Mayo Poster



And all this time, most of us believed Cinco de Mayo is an annual celebration of…what?

This year’s parade, etc., took place Saturday, the 3rd, but Saturday is always parade day.

Parades, colorful Mexican costumes, great food, a daylong gathering of the Mexican and Anglo communities, but just how much have we really known about Cinco de Mayo – the 5th of May?

Some of us know that Cinco celebrates a victory for Mexicans, but of what?

Turns out in Mexico, Cinco de Mayo is less important than Mexican Independence Day (September 16), but the Cinco celebrations themselves are even more rooted in the American culture. We’ll find out why.

We thought we’d talk about the history of Mexican batallas -  battles - of which Cinco de Mayo – known in Mexico as El Día de la Batalla de Puebla (The Day of the Battle of Puebla) ­- is considered in Mexico is somewhat less than the most important victories for Mexico. Still, they defeated the French occupiers in 1862. Mexico has always been in battles for their independence against the Spanish, the Americans, the French.

We talk about that history and of how Cinco de Mayo annually grow for Mexican-Americans and the rest of us look forward to the hoopla.

TTT ANDY DRISCOLL and SIOBHAN KIERANS sit down with the Minnesota Mexican consul titular and others tied into St. Paul’s and Minnesota Cinco celebrations.

On-air guests: 

Alberto Fierro Garza - Head (Titular) Mexican Consul for Minnesota


Rosanne Bump - Producer of Cinco de Mayo Saint Paul’s West Side Celebration (Saint Paul Festival and Heritage Foundation)



Jose Ruiz, Jr. – Co-Founder / Vice President, Manhattan Film Festival


Alicia Lucio – Volunteer Coordinator, Cinco de Mayo