TruthToTell, Sept 9: Minneapolis Mayor’s Race- Can Rank Choice Voting Meet the Test?


This year, Minneapolis' recently adopted ranked choice voting system will be put to the test with 35 candidates vying for the mayor’s office.




In 2009 Minneapolis became one of the nation’s largest cities to implement Ranked Choice Voting. Led by the citizen’s organization, Fair Vote Minnesota, proponents argued that RCV offered voters greater choice.  Just four years later, Minneapolis voters do indeed have greater choice—in fact thirty five candidates for mayor as well as a variety of highly contested city council races. 

Some critics of Ranked Choice Voting expect an election mash-up Supporters are confident that the city—and the system—are equal to the challenge.

What can Minneapolis voters expect when they enter the voting booth?  Does having so many candidates enhance democratic choice or are there negative consequences? Looking forward, what changes –if any- should be made in Minneapolis’s election system? 

Our guests this week are perfectly situated to shed light on these and other questions as we look forward to what will be a truly historic election in Minneapolis.  Join TruthToTell’s Michelle Alimoradi and Tom O’Connell for this conversation Monday morning, September 8 at 9am. 

On-air guests: 

Dr.  Matthew Filner - Associate Professor of Political Science at Metropolitan State University, specialist in Minneapolis municipal politics

Cam Gordon - Green Party, Minneapolis’s 2nd Ward City Councilmember, Chair of City Council Elections Committee.

Jeanne Massey - director of Fair Vote Minnesota, one of the nation’s biggest advocates for Ranked Choice Voting. 

Casey Carl-Minneapolis City Clerk, responsible for maintaining the efficiency and integrity of the city’s election process.