TTT Sept 20: COMMON CORE CURRICULUM: What is it, and Do We Need It in Minnesota? Audio below

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Mon, 09/20/2010

How should our kids learn their school subjects? The issue has been considered critical for educators and lawmakers across the country. Thirty-seven states have adopted the curriculum standards known as the Common Core standards. Minnesota, although having adopted the Common Core English Language Arts Standard (encompassing English Language Arts & Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects), is among the few that has balked at fully adopting the part of the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice describing how mathematics should be taught, what students should learn and how their knowledge of these subjects should be measured as they head for graduation. Most parents and citizens know little, if anything, about these seemingly arcane discussions. We just want the kids to know what they need to know to enter college or get a job or understand the world around them and to live within in it. (Herewith an additional link to the Grammar Guide for Web 2.0 from Online College.)

But those reasons are precisely why all of us should wonder - and, perhaps, worry - how the kids are faring in learning these important subjects, and you should listen to the pros and cons of Minnesota's adopting the Math Standards, now.

TTT's ANDY DRISCOLL and LYNNELL MICKELSEN discuss the issues surrounding the Common Core with an advocate and a skeptic and an involved observer of the process Monday morning at 9:00.

Additional Resource: Australia's Open College System

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ELLEN DELANEY – Associate Principal, Spring Lake Park High School

MIKE LINDSTROM – Immediate Past Executive Director, SciMathMN