The Way Forward for Public Education, Part 2

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Mon, 10/27/2014
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With the elections only a week away, Minneapolis voters will choose the candidates they wish to represent them on the Minneapolis school board.

Last week, at-large candidate Don Samuels and education policy fellow Michael Diedrich joined TruthtoTell to discuss promising approaches to creating schools that work for all our kids.  This week, join co-hosts Siobhan Kierens and Tom O’Connell as we continue that discussion with at-large school board candidates Iris Altamirano and Ira Jourdain.

The Coalition for Quality Public Schools has provided a concise summary of all the school board candidates’ positions on the issues.  Go to

On-air guests: 

  Iris Altamirano is a member of the Minneapolis Commission on Civil Rights.



  Ira Jourdain is a human services professional with the Division of Indian Work in Minneapolis.