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TruthToTell: Community Connections- Returning Homes- Stabilizing communities after the housing crisis

On Wednesday, November 13, TruthToTell returned to the Minneapolis Urban League for the 9th in its Community Connections series of on-location public forums. In this month’s forum, TTT looks at the ripple effects of still ever-present foreclosures in the Twin Cities Metro and solutions for community stabilization in the wake storm.

10-9-13 TruthToTell: Community Connections VIII- Who runs Minneapolis, Who should?

Who are the key people, or institutions that are making things happen in Minnesota's biggest city? More importantly, we'll discuss with our panelists and audience members 'Who should run Minneapolis?' We'll consider what all of our roles are as citizen, voters, tax-payers, parents, students, and the like. How do we make Minneapolis a city that truly works for everyone?

TruthToTell 9-9-13 Excerpt: Minneapolis City Clerk explains the 2013 Ranked Choice Ballot


Minneapolis City Clerk Casey Clark explains the ranked choice voting ballot for 2013 and talks about the new voting machines.


VIKINGS STADIUM: Skirting the Voters Legal?

While the state and Stadium Authority wrangle with the Wilf family over the latter's personal and business financials before it approves a new Viking Stadium, a Hennepin County District Court case is asking a judge to order enforcement of a City Charter provision for a public vote on any city expenditure of $10 million or more on private entities has been awaiting a ruling.